Wholesale CBD Oil, Isolate, Edibles, Crystals, Vape Oil, Wax and More

CBD Wholesale

Immortal Tortoise provides special wholesale pricing to qualified distributors.

New wholesale CBD oil clients will be asked to provide their EIN and company information.

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil wholesale just fill out the contact form below. We will be in touch shortly and are excited to work with you!



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Retail customers who are looking for bulk prices for their private consumption should see our Bulk Discounts page. The following information is for retailers and other direct business to business solutions.


We have a greater variety of hemp derived CBD products available to our wholesale clients than you can buy from our retail catalogue.

We can offer competitive prices on oil tinctures, pure oil, isolate crystals, edibles, vape pens, cartridges, distillate, dab-able wax, skin care creams, and capsules.

Wholesale CBD vape oil is one of our most requested items.

We are not currently a wholesaler of CBD water.

Please ask about any other CBD products that you would like to purchase wholesale.

- Oils -

Some of our CBD tinctures and concentrate must be diluted in a carrier oil to legally ship across state lines.

We offer a variety of carrier oils including hemp seed oil, MCT oil, fractionated coconut oil, or grapeseed oil.


Highest Caliber Cannabidiol Available

Extracting the cleanest, purest, most sustainable, and cost effective CBD products on the market is our life!

From the moment you open one of our bottles you will smell and taste the quality.

All of our hemp is grown in the USA and we buy all of our accessories from American businesses.

- Taste the Buds -

People compare the flavor of our oil to expensive “kind bud” or high grade marijuana. This is because our extracts are derived from the flowers of cannabis plants grown specifically to produce high quality CBD. Other brands often use the whole plant (including leaves, stems, and seeds) of industrial hemp bred over to make rope and paper.

Pure isolate powder does not smell or taste like hemp or marijuana.

- Legality and THC -

Our products are completely non-psychoactive and legal to sell in all 50 states.

None of our items exceed the .3% legal threshold of THC content. Exact quantities will show on our lab reports.

The strongest formulation of full-spectrum oil we can ship across state lines is 2000mg. CBD isolate will be used to increase the potency of products above that dose.

These products will not get you high.

Lab Reports -

We put all of our wholesale hemp-derived CBD items through comprehensive lab testing from the most trusted 3rd party hemp and cannabis testing lab available today (proverde labs.)

Lab results include the concentrations of over half a dozen cannabinoids as well as the results of screens for mold, milder, fungus, yeast, E. coli, salmonella, pesticides, solvents, and mycotoxins.

- Decarboxylation -

All of our wholesale cannabidiol is fully decarboxylated, which means all CBDA has been converted into CBD for maximum potency and efficacy. A lot of the CBD oil on the market hasn’t gone through this crucial step and as a result their products are completely ineffective, since CBDA does not effect the human endocannabinoid system the same way as CBD.

Our Colorado farm uses organic standards and practices and we are currently working on official certification. Unfortunately, our wholesale products cannot be labeled organic at this time. We’ll keep everyone informed of our progress.

As a distributor of Immortal Tortoise CBD, your shop will sell the highest quality source of healthy, pure, cannabidiol oils and supplements in the USA (if not the world.)

Resale, Wholesale, Distribution, Private Label, White Label

Are you looking for a manufacturer that will help you create your own successful CBD business?

Look no further.

Buy from us wholesale and we’ll give you everything you need.

Whether you’re interested in retailing Immortal Tortoise branded CBD oil products or would prefer to brand your own items - we can help.

If you’re brand new to this process, our wholesale team has plenty of educational materials to get you started. Ask about our special newcomer wholesale offers!

If you have any questions or concerns we are happy to provide solutions.

We recommend that you start by purchasing a sample of our oil. We have 2ml vials of CBD extract in a hemp seed carrier oil on sale [[[[in our shop.]]]]] Purchasing a sample of our CBD oil will give you the opportunity to experience the flavor and quality of our tinctures before you commit to a large wholesale order.

Our wholesale customer support team will partner with you to ensure that you have everything you need to become a trusted source of the finest hemp derived CBD extracts, oils, and supplements.

There are many companies online who claim to wholesale CBD oil but few (perhaps none) offersuch a comprehensive package of bulk pricing, variety, quality testing, and distributor solutions.

In fact - many CBD suppliers are fraudulent and some hemp oil on the market has even made people sick. One case of bogus oil in Salt Lake City Utah made so many people sick that it made national headlines.

Make the right choice - buy your CBD oil wholesale from Immortal Tortoise.

We are not currently able to dropship CBD orders direct to your customers. Right now we only ship bulk packages from manufacturer to wholesaler or distributor. We are working on being able to drop ship in the near future.

Private label sellers are welcome to purchase wholesale from us. We can label many products for you in-house. We can also fill wholesale orders but leave the containers blank for you to brand in your own facility.

Contact us today!

Cannabidiol wholesale opportunities may not last.

Wholesale orders may take weeks to fill.